Proposal Terms & Conditions

General Information

-       AJD Proposal Submission Portal is an online form offered by the Production Team of Al Jazeera Documentary Channel for producers to allow them to submit their film projects. The applicant can submit proposals to be fully commissioned by AJD or co-produced.

-       In case of fully commission projects, AJD owns the full rights of the project/film upon finalization of the agreement, including and not limited to the written and filmed materials.

-       In the case of co-productions, AJD obtain the TV Arabic rights of the film for specific period in a specific territory (MENA region).

-       The opening of the call for proposals and other key dates are announced on AJD official website and Facebook page one month, at least, prior to the effective opening date. 

Application Conditions

-       The call for submissions is open for the current cycle will be open from November 15 – 30, 2019 (12:00 midnight -Doha Time). Any received applications after that deadline will not be considered.

-       All required fields (*) in the form must be filled. The form does not permit submission without completing the obligatory fields.

-       Maximum word count has to be met in some certain required fields.

-       The number of proposals submitted should not exceed three for independent producers and five for production companies.

-       Rejected proposals can be submitted once again only if they have been substantially revisited. In this case, the candidate is required to present a detailed description of the changes or updates.

-       Proposals have to abide by the film genres specified on the application form in every cycle.

-      If the producer submitted more than the allowed number of projects, the committee will not study any of his or her projects.


-       Applicants can enhance their proposals by adding supporting elements such as a teaser, stills, exclusive archive material or documents, distinctive previous work samples by the producer or the director.

-       It is recommended to check AJD productions catalog and YouTube Channel in order to avoid applying with topics that have already been produced.

-       For co-productions, it is preferred to have a co-producer or a filmmaker from the Arab Region.

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