Aljazeera Documentary announces the next call for submissions' dates for the new production cycle. Submissions will be exclusively through the online portal between April 24th – April 30th (midnight Doha time). Kindly note that this call is dedicated to production companies only and the maximum number of proposals allowed to be submitted is 2 proposals.


Priority acceptance for projects will be based on the table Below strands:




Long Series ( ACT )

series that focus on the arts of all types, such as music, painting or performing arts. This topic also includes films about travels and adventures.


Ramadan and Hajj Season

One off films or series that celebrate the month of Ramadan and Hajj from a variety of perspectives.


Palestine story

All films that deal with the history and present of Palestine and all aspects related to its culture and heritage


Science & Technology

Films about what science and technology provide to our daily lives, and how they contribute to improving the quality of life and well-being, or pose a new threat to it.


Our Planet

Stories related to the planet Earth and the diversity of its environment and the threats facing life on it, such as climate change, floods, global warming, desertification, alternative energy.


Nature & Environment

Wildlife and nature films, reserves/parks, hunting, and animal species.


Story line

The films in storyline dive into history to retell the original stories of events that impacted our world.



Upon completing each proposal on the portal, a confirmation email will be sent automatically with the proposal code.


General information

-      The first round of selection/rejection will be informed by email no later than May 18th 2024

-      The finalists will be informed by email no later than June 13th 2024.

-      In case of facing any error while submitting, send a screenshot to ajdproposal@aljazeera.net 

After the deadline for receiving proposals, the following proposals will be excluded from the selection process,

  1. Incomplete proposals.
  2. All submissions from producers exceeded the maximum allowed number.



-      Applicants can maximize the chances of their proposals to be selected by inserting supporting elements such as a teaser, pictures of characters/guests, exclusive archives and documents, previous productions of the film director/producer.

-      It is recommendable to refer to AJD productions catalog and YouTube Channel in order to avoid applying with topics that have already been addressed.

-      For co-productions, it is preferable to have a co-producer or a director from the Arab World.